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League of Legends

Voor kans te maken op de prijzen van League of Legends moet je je registreren op League of Legends Community page. Volg de volgende Link om je te kunnen registreren:

Tournament details :


Double Elimination

Best of 1

Rules :

  • Match Configuration:
    • Ban mode  : 1-1-1-1-1-1(Each team have the opportunity to ban 3 champions).
    • Ban rules: The team with the lowest position will start with the ban round.
    • pick mode : 1-2-2-2-2-1 -> Snake pick.
  • Preparing:
    • Each team choose the champions in the pre-game lobby.
    • Each team choose the champions in next order : 1-2-2-2-2-1
    • A champion can’t be chosen twice
    • The team with the highest position will start with choosing the champions
  • In-game chat:
    • Each team captain has to join the in game chatroom ZL5v5
    • You can use these chat room to find the opponents and for contacting the compo-admin
  • Player Disconnect:
    • As a player has a disconnect, for whatever the reason is. The game should be paused immediately(/pause)
    • The game may only be resumed when the player has reported his connection with the game as successfully(/unpause).
    • If there are general internet issues, and this for an unexpected long time, the game will be resumed with the same side and champions configuration when the internet connection is successfully resolved.
  • Winner condition:
    • The winning team is the team that has destroyed the enemy’s nexus or when the other team surrendered.


Tournament will start Friday evening. Tournament will end Sunday afternoon

Tournament registrations will start mid July

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